Festival Map

This is an interactive Google map of most of the locations where Festival events will take place.

See tips on using the Map here!
  • The map can be dragged with your mouse to access any hidden part of it.
  • Scroll down and use the + and icons at the lower left of the map to zoom in and out for a better view.
  • To toggle the Information Panel on/off, click the rectangular icon on the left end of the grey title bar at the top of the map.
  • The Information Panel contains three sections: Academy Locations, Main Event Locations, and Belleville Locations. Click the red checkbox icons to toggle these sections on/off.
  • In each section of the Information Panel, you can click on a location’s name to open up more information on that venue. You can also click on any of the map’s coloured icons to bring up the same information.
  • The icon at the right end of the top title bar will open a full-screen view of the entire map.

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